500 Writing Prompts: 7/500

The following is a journal entry from my personal copy of Piccadilly’s 500 Writing Prompts.

Create ten all-new funny scratch and sniff stickers. Describe the image and smell.
Cardboard – a brown square smelled as it’s named
Sniff and spa – the sticker is a white robe that smells of eucalyptus
Mistakes – the scent of your ex’s cologne, a stick figure sticker.
Diet help – chocolate bar sticker and smell. If you smell it, maybe that’ll appease your want to eat chocolate.
College – a book/diploma/cap sticker that smells like sleep deprivation and tears
Mystery Fruit – a question mark sticker with the putrid smell of durian
Joe – a sticker that looks and smells like a cup of coffee
Not Cocaine – white powder pile sticker, smells like baby powder
Love – smells and looks like money
Marriage – bride and groom sticker, smells like a tax break
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