Running Water


Note: In retrospect, this can easily be seen as a continuation of “Accessories.”

Today, my Spanish professor started off class by asking us to state one thing we’re thankful for.

Students said “my family” and “life” and “grace” and “the weather.”

When it was time for me to say something, I simply said “running water.”

While washing my face this morning, I stopped and said, “Thank you, God, for this. Remind me not to take a blessing like this for granted.”

It’s crazy. Some of the smallest things are the biggest blessings.

Some people have to pump a well to get water. Some people have to take a bucket to a lake to get water. The water may be dirty and cold. Some people don’t have much water at all. Yet I, in my dorm room, can summon water simply by turning on the faucet or shower head. The water is clear. Not only that, but I can decide whether I want it hot or cold or warm. I can have water whenever I want, however I want, as much as want. Yet others don’t have that luxury. And it is a luxury. That’s crazy.

Family, life, grace, and weather are all great things to be thankful for. There’s no questioning that. But how many of us are consciously thankful for the smaller things?

I’m breathing on my own. Some people need machines in order to breathe.

I’m typing this. You’re reading it. Some people don’t have computers. Some people don’t have the Internet. Some people haven’t even heard of the Internet.

I can see. Some are blind. Some will never see the beauty of an ocean. Some will never see what a human looks like.

I’m listening to Kirk Whalum’s “Make Me A Believer” from his The Gospel According to Jazz – Chapter III album. I can hear. Some are deaf. Some will never know what laughter sounds like. Some will never know what their names sound like.

Recognize your blessings. I believe that is an important part of being content.

Perhaps, if we do this, we won’t be too concerned about not having this, that, the third, and the other thing.

“I wept because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”
-Persian Proverb
I said to myself a few months ago that the things I take for granted are the same things someone else is praying for. That is something I must continually keep this in mind.
Yes, there will always be someone who has more than what I have; but there will also be someone who has less than what I have. The trick, I suppose, is to simply be thankful for what I already have.
Today, I thank God for what I already have. Regardless of who you choose to thank for the things you have, remember that those things – big or small – are blessings. They’re all blessings.
Thank you, God, for running water.
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