Tea Time: Awake English Breakfast by Tazo


Tea: Awake English Breakfast
Type: Black (Variety: Assam)
Flavour Notes: Bright, bold, malty
Ingredient Origins: India
Caffeine Level: 5/5*

If I had to name a standard black tea from my childhood, it’d be Tazo Awake. Awake is an Assam black tea; and Assam is a northeastern Indian state where its black teas are desired for their full-bodied, dark, and malty qualities. Assam tea is the highest produced tea in the world.


  • Black – Presently, I most often drink this tea black, I like to steep Awake in boiled water for five minutes for a smooth taste. Steep it for longer if you want an even bolder cup.
  • With Sugar – Growing up, I’d always put sugar in my tea. I’d argue that organic raw sugar goes best with the density and darker sweetness of Awake.
  • Latte – Making a latte with this tea just elevates it to creamy goodness. I personally use steamed vanilla soy milk.

Pairings: Crumpets

Note: This review is based on the “old” Awake tea. The older blend was bold and biting. The new Awake is believed by many to be maltier and less intense.

*Caffeine Level:
1/5: 1-15 mg
2/5: 16-30 mg
3/5: 31-45 mg
4/5: 46-60 mg
5/5: 61+ mg

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