#WheresNiaNow: Freeport and Nassau


I went on a four-day cruise to the Bahamas a few weeks ago, kicking off my summer travel Instagram hashtag, #WheresNiaNow. The ride to and from Jacksonville, Florida was an absolute nightmare, but that’s another story.

First stop: Freeport!
The crew stopped by the Junkanoo Beach Club.
Selfies were strong, my g.
Shout out to GOLDDUST NYC for the bomb temporary tattoos I wore throughout the week!
Next: Nassau!
We left Nassau in the afternoon and spent the rest of that day and the next/last full day at sea.
My face basically sums up our last day, as the ship was doing all manner of rocking and rolling.
Overall, I had a great trip. I’d never visited the Bahamas, so it was cool to experience it with some great people. I got to know some friends and acquaintances a little bit better and met some amazingly beautiful people as a result of the trip. In fact, I’ve withheld the really good photos because I’ll eventually post them on my other blog, Our Beautiful People. Stay tuned!

Be on the look out for other travel posts from this upcoming summer, and make sure to check out #WheresNiaNow on Instagram! I’ll always have my current location in my bio @nialangley.

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